Why WordPress for Web Design Companies in Egypt

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Instead of using different CMSs or custom-developed platforms, Web design companies in Egypt prefer choosing WordPress for their client’s website. WordPress is features-packed with a huge competitive edge.

Sometimes, clients are asking for specific features or custom requirements. Using WordPress gives the agencies a huge selection of plugins and themes that will fit every single requirement.

WordPress is an open-source content management software. WordPress has also got a very huge community and a whole set of plugins and templates available on the official WordPress repository.

In this article, we’re discussing why we chose to work on WordPress. And how WordPress could be the ultimate choice for your website requirements as a client.

Why Choose WordPress?

With that being said, WordPress is the ultimate choice for many design agencies in Egypt and around the World. Statistics show that over 30% of internet websites are based on WordPress. This rate is really growing fast!

We’ve been using WordPress CMS for most of our client’s websites. While we still use other software and commercial CMSs, WordPress is always our all-time preference.

Let’s dig deeper and discuss why to choose WordPress for your website:

1. SEO Friendly:

Launching an awesome website is not enough! It’s just the beginning. After launching your website, your goal will be to gain traction on your website and services.

When it comes to getting traffic, nothing is better than Google and search engines. WordPress is search engines friendly. Besides, there are a bunch of plugins to help you even more with complete ease.

Of course, you still need to work on content marketing and keyword optimization. But overall, your website software should be SEO-friendly in order to be compatible with the next levels.

We choose WordPress for our client’s websites. Not only do we optimize websites for search engines, but also we can definitely help with the keyword strategy and the content marketing plan.

2. Scalability & Effectiveness:

WordPress is highly scalable. And this is the first thing you should look for in your website platform. Scalability means that it can give you a quick launch for today. And you still can develop and shoot for more as you go.

The software is being continuously updated to be compatible with the latest PHP and MySQL versions. WordPress is really cost-effective and is quite easy for the client to manage a website.

With WordPress, you can quickly launch your website and start publishing content. That’s where the term “Agile Startup” comes into action. Does your business employ the “Agile” concept yet?

3. Security:

Being a software that runs over 30% of the internet website, security is a huge concern here. WordPress is being updated every once and a while by the original software developers.

Furthermore, the WordPress repository offers a number of strict security plugins and addons. It’s very important to ask your developer for continuous security patches and updates. Here, we’re listing a few important plugins to have: WordFence and Sucuri Scanner.

Some clients may think that developing software from scratch is more secured. To be honest, we totally believe that this is not a great idea. Like we’ve mentioned, WordPress gives you the scalability to launch a professional website in a relatively short time.

Plus, custom-developed software will also be vulnerable to threats if security and updates are not done regularly. WordPress is the ultimate choice for your website along with a regular maintenance and support plan.

Along with our services, we offer monthly maintenance plans after website design and delivery. Furthermore, we’re offering a whole 90 days or free included support and maintenance for our website design clients.

4. Fast & Optimized Solution:

Correct! WordPress is pretty fast and perfectly optimized for performance. With the fact that it’s empowering over 30% of the internet websites, The majority of web hosts out there support WordPress.

You can easily find and choose a reliable web host. And you still have peace of mind regarding the WordPress compatibility.

WordPress is also optimized for speed and performance. Thanks to PHP 7.4, WordPress is now faster and more secure than ever before. You should choose a web host that is always up to date with server updates.

From a simple site without a blog to a basic blogging forum or massive media site, WordPress is flexible, extensible, and can meet the needs of almost any project, maintaining its ease of use.

5. Super Easy to Manage:

No business owner wants to get his hands dirty with code and cookies. Thus, using WordPress will let business owners manage websites without touching a single line of code.

WordPress has also got a super awesome community everywhere. The community is continuously developing plugins and themes to support the software.

Whatever your business idea is, rest assured that there will definitely be a solution for it. If you think you have the basic technical skills with a well-documented theme, you can make the modifications yourself.

Web Design Companies in Egypt:

WordPress is widely used. And is indeed the perfect choice for web design companies in Egypt and around the world. It’s an excellent tool for beginners to manage a site, and for techies to build advanced apps.

We’ve been using WordPress for many years now. Please check our Portfolio for more details about our work quality and delivery standards.

If you’ve got a project in mind, we can discuss it further. Feel free to reach out to us. We’ll be very happy to address your inquiries and get your project nicely build for your plans and future endeavors.

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