Website Design Cost in Egypt: How To Compare Agencies?

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Whether your business is large or a relatively small one, you indeed look forward to developing a website. Simply, the website is an employee that works for you 24/7. But you may wonder what is the average website design cost in Egypt.

We’re researching the average cost included. We’re also discussing the main elements upon which you can choose a reputable company. Whether you’re selling online or not, a website will indeed give your business a competitive edge.

It’s a fact! There’s a huge number of web design companies in Egypt. But to be honest, a small percentage are really reputable and trustworthy. We’re not listing the top businesses in Egypt. But mainly, we’re focusing on giving you the know-how of hiring a professional agency.

In this article, we’re not only going over how to choose a reliable company. But also, we’re discussing the average costs included as well as introducing our revolutionary brand-new business website as a service plan.

Website Design Cost in Egypt:

The website keeps promoting your service and getting traction towards your business. The costs included are really variable. Small-sized businesses may charge a few thousand to develop a website.

Other medium and large-sized businesses could charge way more. It is all based on the work experience, portfolio, and level of expertise. In this article, we’re showing you the top factors on how to choose a company for your website design project.

Let’s dig deeper and see how to evaluate a company before considering working with them.  An agency that develops websites should indeed have a perfect website speaking for itself. Honestly, this is the very first thing we look at before deciding to work with a vendor; their website.

A decent professional website is basically indicating a professional level of expertise behind it. Looking at their portfolio is another part of the process. Let’s see in details how to choose a website design company for your business with the points below:

1. Authenticity & Credibility:

Like we’ve mentioned, there is a large number of website design companies in Egypt. The disappointing fact is that they tend to showcase website demos as actual projects. A fake portfolio could basically ruin the company’s reputation.

Some other companies are referring to websites that they didn’t work on or even participated in the development. Unless the company is showcasing real clients with real websites on their portfolio, using their service is a risk.

A good tip here is to look at the client’s websites and see the credibility for yourself. Almost all web developers are putting a small line crediting themselves at the very bottom of the website. You may also reach out to the company and ask for more details and information.

2. Clients & Portfolio:

A necessary step to take is to look after the company’s portfolio. The portfolio basically showcases the company’s work experience with other customers like yourself. The past clients and portfolio is indeed a great factor to determine the website design cost in Egypt.

Seeing other websites and projects done by the company is really important. This will help you get a clear idea about how this specific company works. And accordingly, how your website project will be served too.

You should also check how complex these other projects are. This as well will give you a definitive vision of how experienced the company’s team is. For example, a simple informative website requires less work experience than a large eCommerce website.

When looking at the portfolio, consider big names the company has worked with & also the level of complexity done per each project. So a strong web design agency portfolio should include A good number of projects (in addition to long company age), High quality & complicated projects, & known businesses.

3. Initial Communication:

If you’re currently looking for an agency for a website project, It’s wise to communicate first. Communication and initial discussions tell you a lot about a company and the team. This initial communication will let you understand how this agency works and how they work with clients.

Our advice is to take your time understanding the company first. All the back-and-forth communication will let you make a clear decision. You need to make sure that the agency is a good fit for your business project and helpful as you expect before proceeding with the work.

Most probably, the agency will prepare a written proposal for you. This proposal should include all the features requested. Take your time and study this proposal very well. Make sure that you and the team are on the same page before contracting.


That was a quick brief about how to choose a web design company for your website project. Regarding the website cost in Egypt, it’s pretty variable according to many factors. But more than the price, you should focus on choosing a reputable company for professional website development.

The company’s portfolio is a crucial element to check. The price is to be decided and compared based on the recent work experience and level of expertise. Some clients tend to choose companies that developed similar projects earlier with another client. That is a good idea too in order to see the work quality.

That was it! Make sure to check our portfolio for more information and details about how we can help. If you’re still wondering about your website project, we’re offering a free 30 minutes consultation call with no strings attached. Schedule a call today and let us help you get a clear idea about your project.

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