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Shopify in Egypt: How To Accept Credit Card Payments?

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Accepting online payments nowadays is a crucial part of any online store or business on the internet. Shopify is a great tool that allows retailers and business owners to sell their products online. But how about accepting payments for Shopify in Egypt?

Since you took the leap, starting, or started already your online eCommerce store on Shopify, It’s very important to leverage that by accepting online payments. Online payment processing has proven to increase sales and conversion rates according to many studies around the world.

But what about Shopify in Egypt? Can I still accept online payments on my Shopify store while being in Egypt? The short answer is definitely yes. And you’ve been offered a wide variety of options too 🙂

In this article today, we’re discussing the available credit card payment options for Shopify store owners in Egypt. Are you ready to take your online business to the whole next level?

Shopify Egypt Payment Gateways

The best thing about the Shopify store is that they’re continuously improving their software to lead the eCommerce market in many countries around the world.

While not all Shopify services are catered for users worldwide, they’re doing their best to offer suitable options for every country’s users. In Egypt, there is a huge rise in the FinTech industry.

A lot of companies in Egypt are serving the FinTech industry with huge investments and technology leaps. On your Shopify store, you can activate a wide variety of payment processing gateways to accept credit cards from your customers directly online.

Here is a quick list of the available payment gateways:

  • PayMob Accept
  • ValU Installments
  • Amazon Payment Services (formerly PayFort)
  • PayTabs
  • MyFatoorah
  • 2Checkout
  • PaymentWall
  • & more international providers

We – at enPurple – are big fans of PayMob accept. We’re using the service for some time now with great success. So it’s among our very first recommendations for you to integrate along with your Shopify store.

Service Integration

Among the above list, there are quite decent local options with headquarters in Egypt. For these local providers, you still may need to provide some legal documents to open a merchant account with them.

Once you completed the registration and contracting steps, you should be able to easily integrate the payment method to your Shopify store right from your Shopify dashboard.

No hard coding is needed. There are professionally coded add-ons available to install with a click-of-a-button. You will then need to enter API integration code and you should be very good to go.

I will recommend referring to the associated documentation for each payment method for details. Or instead, you can simply reach out to the gateway’s customer support team for assistance.


Yes, it is possible to accept online payments on your Shopify store. And the best part; you don’t even need a developer or any assistance to get the integration done.

We – at Purple – are offering a Shopify-like eCommerce service on a monthly subscription. We offer a couple of key differences; Dedicated developer for your awesome store, Email Addresses ( packed up with the service, Hands-on technical support team available all the time for your assistance.

We too allow easy integration with the above payment methods as well shipping couriers to offer your customer the complete exceptional experience of buying from your online store.

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