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PayMob Review: Accept Online Payments in Egypt

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We’ve been using PayMob for sometime now. And I thought it would be a suitable time to write a review about this amazing service. In this article, we’re reviewing PayMob Accept online payment processor in Egypt.

As a start off, PayMob accept is one of the most reliable services available in Egypt. Right from the contracting until the setup and going live, the process is seamless and straightforward.

Earlier, we’ve been using 2Checkout as our main payment processor to accept online payments from our awesome clients. 2Checkout is a great service, they allowed automatic payments for subscription services. While their fees were a little bit higher, we used to have a great experience with them.

Why The Change?

Until very recently, 2Checkout has limited their service not being able to accept Mastercard payments. At that point, we thought we should look for an alternative service. And it would be much better if this service is a local payment processor in Egypt.

This is exactly how we’ve found about PayMob. The service has been around for a while. Actually, we were helping our clients to integrate the service into their websites since 2018. But when it comes to making the shift, we didn’t go through it until we’ve experienced an issue with our current payment provider!

Lets take it one step further and tell you additional details about the service, how we’ve used it, and how good it is to use PayMob accept as your payment provider in Egypt.

By the way, 2Checkout has resolved the issue after about a month of Mastercard service termination. We’re still using it as a backup payment processor. It’s always recommended to have different options with Plan B to rely on if anything goes wrong. So we’re actually using both services now with the client’s preference to choose.

Getting Started with PayMob

Like I said earlier, we didn’t think about PayMob until we’ve had an issue with our payment processor (2Checkout). But I wish we did make the move earlier, supporting the great local industry.

I did a quick comparison between PayMob and a couple other local providers such as; PayTabs, Fawry Pay, and Amazon Payment Services (formerly PayFort). And here was our conclusion:

  • PayTabs: Flat Monthly Fee + Per Transaction Fee
  • FawryPay: Flat Monthly Fee + Per Transaction Fee
  • Amazon Payment Service: Flat Monthly Fee + Per Transaction Fee

We didn’t mind paying a monthly fee for the payment service, but we’ve looked further to find a better alternative with zero monthly fees. This is when we’ve found about PayMob Accept; No monthly fee, you only get a percentage fee per transaction. This is very favorable.

That was our deal on 2Checkout and we loved to move the same way; Paying per transaction. I did fill the registration form on their website and it quickly created an account for me on their portal with a pending status.

Contracting & Service Activation

In a day or two, I’ve received a call from PayMob sales representative. I have to say; she was honest and responding with every details you need to know about. For a couple of questions, she had to follow up with seniors and update me back. She actually did within a few hours the same day.

Many complaints about PayMob accept are filed under the poor customer support section. But I’ve to say our experience with them was seamless in this contracting stage.

We signed  the contract and proceeded with sending all the legal company’s papers requested. In 3 days (excluding Friday & Saturday), we’ve got the service activated with accepting status. Yaay.. 😉

PayMob Integration

Before activating the PayMob service, They require a full technical test on your website. They need to make sure about the ordering and payment process on your website.

PayMob allows direct technical integration with ready-made plugins for; WordPress, Shopify, Ecwid, and a couple other platforms. That’s great!

However, we use WHMCS software to manage our clients and their services. This means we need to develop a custom tool/plugin to integrate the payment. With some search on the internet, I’ve found about Mustqr. They’re offering a great WHMCS plugin for PayMob integration.

By that, our problem has been solved. Using our beloved software WHMCS with a great local payment processor PayMob seems like a great combination for success. Thanks Mustqr 🙂

PayMob Customer Support

Our service has been activated. We started processing payments using PayMob. Our clients loved it and found it very easy to use and straightforward too.

The only downside with PayMob is that they’re not yet offering the option for automatic monthly subscription payments. By the time you read this article, they may proceeded with offering the service, you need to keep checking their website for updates.

We needed to reach out a couple of times to their  support team via the helpdesk ticketing system. We’ve found them responding with details.

During that time, we didn’t need to contact their customer support except for a few times in the begining of the technical integration and testing phase. Other than that, everything moved on easily.

PayMob Accept Fees

PayMob doesn’t charge fixed monthly fees. So whether you’ve made sales or not, you’re being charged on a transaction basis which is very relieving. Especially, if you’re getting started and you don’t know exactly how your business will be doing actually in sales.

PayMob accept charges; Per transaction fee of 2.75% + 3 Egyptian Pounds. Out of this fee, you’re charged a VAT amount on this fee which is calculated like this (14% out of the total charged fees).

Let’s say you’ve processed payment of 100 EGP from your customer. The associated fees will be: 2.75 EGP + 3 EGP + (VAT 0.80 EGP). Again, the above mentioned equation helps you to predict any associated fees.

Best of all, the service doesn’t charge Withdrawal fees to your bank account (which is really great). The net amount shown on your account is the amount withdrawn to your local bank account. HOWEVER, there is a threshold cap of 5,000 EGP for automatic bank withdrawals.

They do automatic bank transfers every Monday only if your account balance reached the minimum threshold of 5,000 EGP. We saw this very fine and actually recommended.


The experience and calculations on this page are all based on our own personal experience. Your experience could be different. Your fees could be different. Your overall situation could be different.

We’re sharing our experience with you for training purposes. No benefits included, we’re not affiliated with PayMob accept for commissions. We use the service as any other regular customer and actually we loved the service that we wanted to share with the world.


Bottomline, PayMob is a great service. I see it is currently being used by many local traders and enterprises in Egypt. The integration with WordPress and Shopify tools made it even more available to everybody.

I deeply hope that you find this PayMob review article useful for your business endeavours. Feel free to leave a comment below for any questions. We might be able to help with general assistance based on experience. HOWEVER, it’s always better to reach out directly to PayMob for detailed answers.

Thank you so much for reading the article. Don’t miss visiting our website for the web services we offer. Also, feel free to request a free business consultation if you need assistance with your website development or your general web presence services.

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