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Best Online Payment Gateways in Egypt (Updated)

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Due to the high prevalence of online payment, it has become very popular in many countries and has become accustomed to conducting all payment transactions in any field. Therefore, we will show you the most popular online payment gateways in Egypt.

You will first know what a payment gateway is? It is a merchant service provided by an e-commerce application service provider that allows credit card or direct payment processing for e-businesses, or online retailers.

One of the main challenges merchants face in selling online is how to get their money, and cash on delivery remains on top of all other payment methods in Egypt, but with the emergence of new online payment gateways, this is expected to happen in 2016.

Online Egyptian buyers will start making payments online more than before. In this article, we will highlight the payment gateways available in Egypt to help Egyptian merchants find the best solutions to make money.

Figures & Statistics

Payment gateways and 40 million Egyptians have internet access, about 10% of them bought something online in 2014, most of them are electronics and airline tickets, and most Egyptians are under 35.

Google announced that 82% of smartphone users in Egypt have searched for a product or service on their phones. Despite all this, e-commerce penetration in Egypt is still very low for many reasons.

Users here still generally do not trust purchasing online, clear regulations have not been announced by the government yet to protect online buyers and sellers, and many banks do not offer their customers the ability to purchase online with their credit cards, etc.

Payment Gateways in Egypt

The electronic payment gateways in Egypt verifies the validity of the payment data, encrypt the transaction details, ensures that it is sent to the correct destination, and then decrypt the responses that are sent to the shopping cart/billing/account system.

Integrates with a variety of shopping cart software, databases, online merchant accounts, and protocol exchange servers. In addition to this, it is also approved by VISA and MasterCard for online e-commerce transactions.

Here are the most important and best electronic payment gateways in Egypt:

#1. Amazon Payment Services (PayFort):

It is a reliable online payment gateway that provides companies, governments, SMEs, start-ups, and enterprises with innovative payment options for both bank and non-bank online shoppers.

Provide a cashless environment for your customers with a digital wallet option when paying with a single click via Visa Checkout or Mastercard.

There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to setting up a payment gateway. From applying for a merchant ID to integrating your website with a payment service provider, there can be a lot to manage for a busy business owner. Stop worrying and let us share everything with you step-by-step.

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#2. Fawry Pay:

It is a leading electronic payment network, providing financial services to consumers and businesses through more than 90,000 locations and a variety of channels. Fawry provides a convenient and reliable way to pay bills and other services through multiple channels.

Fawry’s network of retailers includes small groceries, pharmacies, stationery, and post offices, all equipped with point-of-sale machines – the same ones used for credit card payments. Commission on each payment: 2.75% + 1 pound

Customers can use it through banks, post offices, and a nationwide network of retailers. The range of services from bill payments to the internet and mobile banking services. Fawry provides solutions to service providers, retailers, and banks, and its most powerful feature is to help companies increase their collection points.

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#3. Vapulus:

It is an Egyptian online payment company established in 2016. It aims to build a more financially inclusive society through advanced technology that anyone can access.

It acts as an intermediary between the merchant and the customer and provides many services. Vapulus provides an app that allows you to perform various payment transactions with both the end-user and the merchant as well.

Any company can use Vapulus, even individual sellers without a storefront, it gives them an out-of-store checkout page so their customers can easily pay online. The mPOS system provides detailed reports to merchants regarding transaction types and demographics for any Vapulus user entering the store, whether they make a purchase or not.

Vapulus is able to integrate directly with merchants’ regular POS machines, so the merchant will use our portal channel to promote his business by launching virtual loyalty cards/gift cards or vouchers to his customers. This will motivate customers to keep coming back to the merchant for frequent sales and discounts.

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#4. PayMob Accept:

Give your customers the most convenient payment method and expand into new markets with just a few clicks. Accept all types of payments with Paymob’s online payment gateway which can be easily integrated on all online platforms.

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Set up a wide range of domestic and international payment options to maximize revenue-generating opportunities such as credit and debit cards, online mobile wallets, cash on delivery, the redemption of loyalty points, payment links, and even kiosk payments through Aman and Misr.

Provide customers with seamless, secure, and efficient buying experiences by giving them a multi-channel payment gateway that integrates seamlessly with all your existing settings. With iFrames and natural forms, your customers can save their credit card details and make payments with ease.

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#5. 2Checkout:

It is an electronic payment service founded in 2000 that allows merchants to accept credit card payments online from customers in their home countries and abroad. You can use this gateway to accept payments directly through your website, with the appropriate software extensions used for your site.

2Checkout is a leading global payment platform that allows merchants to accept online and mobile payments from buyers around the world, with local payment options.

Whether you offer membership or a subscription, recurring billing for 2Checkout improve your checkout experience and increases customer retention. Your customer will only enter their credit card information for the first time, after which, the payment will be automatically deducted monthly (or whatever other period you specify).

Capabilities include a pre-integrated payment gateway, merchant account, PCI compliance, international fraud prevention, integration with more than 100 shopping carts like Paypal, 2Checkout does not settle payments directly to your account, instead payments are made to 2Checkout and then transferred from 2Checkout to your account. Domestic, it supports transactions in 197 countries through various payment methods.

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#6. PayPal Egypt:

It is an American company that operates a global online payment system that supports online money transfers and acts as an electronic alternative to traditional paper methods such as checks and money orders.

You can add and connect PayPal on your site to accept payments from your customers in an easy and safe way, but your customers must have a PayPal account to complete the payment and transfer money to your account.

Merchants are allowed to obtain funds from their customers through their Paypal accounts or through credit cards. It is very easy to integrate Paypal with any e-commerce website thanks to the plugins and plugins for all the major e-commerce.

The gigantic payment gateway started allowing Egyptian merchants to accept payments online from 203 different countries around the world. For the first time, Egyptian merchants can now sell their products worldwide and withdraw their money to any local Visa card.

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#7. PayTabs:

Complete payment processing solution and easy toolkit for your developer. Receive payments through all the leading credit cards worldwide. A very simple solution to deal with your recurring payments. PayTabs knows how to help your customers settle recurring payments daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly.

With a secure payment link you can, as the merchant, can share with your customers via any popular messaging platform (think Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) and get paid instantly! You can also; Send, receive and share bills via QR code, email, SMS, or social media channels.

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The choice of payment gateway to include in your website/app depends on your target customer category, age, gender, and location in addition to the type of product or service you offer and other factors, be sure to study all alternatives and choose what serves your customers and business best.

If you need any help or advice in choosing a payment gateway please feel free to send all your questions to it, we are happy to answer your questions and help you choose the best payment gateway for your website.

2 thoughts on “Best Online Payment Gateways in Egypt (Updated)

  1. Ibrahim Sayed says:

    what is the difference between Fawry , Meeza , Masary as payment gateways as one channel and the other payment getaways like PayTab and PayMob
    if i want to make ecommerce site what is the best for me , to subscripe or buy the service from separate payment gateway or i can only subscripe with only one like PayMob is enough

    1. Chief Editor says:

      To start selling online, you need an eCommerce website and a payment gateway to integrate with the website. PayMob is very recommended as they’re offering a wide variety of accepting solutions with minimal fees compared to other competitors. You can also check Fawry digital for online payments.

      For the online store, Purple is a solid eCommerce platform that gives you all the tools you need to start selling online. Not only a store, but to sync your products on social media channels as well. Start free for 14 days trial, no credit card required.

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