5 Factors Affecting Small Business Growth in Egypt

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Nowadays, anyone can start a business. Every business owner wants to constantly develop and succeed, there’s no doubt about that. In this article, we’re concluding the 5 most important factors affecting small business growth in Egypt.

While you’re able to start your awesome business with little or no capital (thanks to the internet), it’s still important to understand first why a business fails and how you can set up a great base for your next million-dollar idea.

Money or Investments is not one of these factors. Let’s take the money out of the game and focus more on the business elements. The rule is; a well-established business brings in money and investments while the bad ones ultimately don’t and fail easily after.

To accomplish this, it is essential to comprehend the elements that contribute to development. Listed below are some of the factors affecting small business growth in Egypt and the MENA region.

Factors Affecting Small Business Growth

It’s a great time to start thinking about the development of a different kind — the growth of your business – as we start to see blooms emerge from the ground. Success necessitates hard work and action. So, where should you concentrate your efforts?

Let’s see the top factors affecting small business growth:

1. Personality & Behaviour

The traits of a business leader, such as attitude, personality, and behaviour, can have a favourable impact on the company’s growth. Yes, that’s very true and you can tell yourself about your business.

Furthermore, their capabilities, such as training and education, are associated with higher goals in particular professions, despite the fact that social capital has a substantial impact on resources.

Functional skills, family background, management experience, and critical business aptitude are further factors that will influence the success formula.

It’s very important to realize this even if you’re committing related mistakes. Realizing your mistakes and these traits helps you to better understand yourself and your customers on your business model.

2. Organizational Structure & Management

The business’s structure, its management team’s performance and objectives, and, of course, their ability to come up with reasonable planning for its functions, will all have a significant impact on the company’s success.

A bad product or an ineffective marketing effort are two examples of things that can slow down business. But it’s not recognising where a company is going wrong that might actually ruin it.

To understand how to fix your business, you must first understand what is affecting it. To discover the particular mistakes, use tools like Google Analytics.

3. Connections & Network

There are various advantages to forming a personal network of like-minded businesses. It’s useful when you have questions or need assistance, and it’s especially important in the early phases of a company. Your resources develop in tandem with your network.

A robust network may benefit any company, from a major corporation to a small one-person startup. As you gain confidence in networking, the size of your network and its ability to assist you in solving problems and making sound business decisions expand.

4. Market & Proposed Value

The size, scope, and buoyancy of demand in local markets are all likely to have an impact on growth prospects. Variations in the cost and availability of labour, premises, and services have an impact on the supply side. Using various ways to cope with these local variables in order to reduce their influence.

Only sales will swiftly demonstrate the feasibility of your product or service. Sales not only demonstrate that you have something practical, but they also bring revenue into your company, allowing you to expand and prevent problems. Of course, ideas are fantastic, but without revenue, they are doomed to fail.

5. Technology

Technology is like fertiliser for your company’s growth. It can help you do work faster, save money on labour, and streamline operations. The difficulty lies in determining which technology tools are most suited to your company’s objectives.

The importance of being in sync with the many aspects of your business plan cannot be overstated. When selecting technology partners, consider ROI from a variety of perspectives.


Growth begins below the surface, just as it does in nature in the springtime. Your employees’ motivation to assist you to achieve your objectives is determined by how they see you and your company’s mission.

As a leader, you must pave the way to success for everyone. That was a quick walkthrough of the factors affecting small business growth. If you’re a small business owner or even getting started, Make sure to adopt these factors and realize your mistakes.

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