Best eCommerce Websites in Egypt (Updated)

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In the recent few years, Egypt has seen huge progress with the internet in the local market. Egypt is to be one of the largest countries in Africa that use the internet. This is a list of the top eCommerce websites in Egypt.

E-commerce is one of the fastest expanding industries, inspiring a new generation of entrepreneurs and large-scale production of small and medium-sized businesses. E-commerce has assisted in lowering barriers and bringing the manufacturer closer to the client.

With that being said, eCommerce and online shopping have been rising too. In this article, we’re exploring the best eCommerce websites in Egypt.

Online Shopping in Egypt

Thanks to, the Egyptian e-commerce field is growing. More people are trusting online shipping. And accordingly, there has been significant progress in the number of orders delivered each month in recent years.

Online shopping has also enabled users to compare and purchase things that are valuable to them. Low prices, ease of access, convenience, and the availability of additional options have all contributed to the growth of e-commerce in Egypt.

The availability of a virtual store on e-commerce platforms has aided the growth of millions of Egyptian enterprises while also creating new job prospects.

Best eCommerce Websites in Egypt

Today, technology is advancing at a quick speed, and customers’ online purchasing experiences have grown more frictionless thanks to the usage of smartphones.

E-commerce has opened up new prospects for both merchants and customers, thanks to user-friendly mobile apps and extensive shop catalogs.

The following are some of the best eCommerce websites in Egypt:

1. Noon

Noon began operations in the United Arab Emirates in 2016. Noon is one of the major e-commerce enterprises in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). Following its success in the United Arab Emirates, the firm moved to Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

On its website and app, Noon has over 20 million goods. In addition, the company’s website and mobile apps provide an excellent user experience.

Noon sells a wide range of products, including electronics, gaming consoles, clothes, cosmetic needs, groceries, and a variety of other items. In comparison to its competitors, Noon also provides a considerably greater experience.

In Egypt, the firm has witnessed a tremendous increase in the number of consumers. The website of Noon is available in both English and Arabic. Noon is also renowned for aggressively discounting the most popular categories.

2. Amazon Egypt (formerly Souq)

Souq is the Arab World’s largest e-commerce site. Souq has been acquired by Amazon to be the official Amazon in Egypt and the Middle East.

Ronaldo Mouchawar established Souq in 2005. Souq began in the United Arab Emirates, then extended to Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Souq is a multi-category e-commerce website that allows you to shop from the comfort of your own home for millions of items.

The platform offers a diverse selection of things ranging from home appliances to books, games, and toys. Customers in Egypt have come to trust the Platform, and it is still the most popular option for online purchasing.

Souq has also risen to the top of Egypt’s online shopping destinations thanks to its dependable customer service and round-the-clock support. Discounts of up to 80% are available on popular brands and across several categories.

3. Jumia

Jumia was one of the first African startups to offer internet shopping in Africa, having begun in 2012. Electronics, fashion, health & beauty basics, home & office items, sporting goods, gaming consoles, food, and hundreds of other categories are among the products sold by the company.

On its platform, Jumia provides and sells over 10 million items. The organization has earned customers’ confidence and provides dependable delivery services. Over the years, the firm has expanded into other sectors and has continued to improve its technologies.

The firm today has over 5,500 employees and operates in more than ten countries. Jumia also has a number of exclusive relationships with top companies throughout the world, and it often releases new goods that are only accessible on its site.

4. Elaraby Group

Since 1964, the name of ELARABY Group has been associated with major international companies and has commercial relations with these companies in the field of marketing and manufacturing electronic and electrical devices.

The year 1974 is considered the starting point in its historical relationship with the Japanese TOSHIBA company, the company that is credited with providing technical and technological support to ELARABY company when it entered the battlefield of manufacturing for the first time.

Through their eCommerce website, you can shop all the products offered and guaranteed by the ElARABY group directly from the company. The website offers a wide variety of electrical devices for every home.


Technology is rapidly growing in the middle east with top market players entering the game. Huge investments too are being put into the eCommerce market as it’s growing fast in the Middle East region.

You can shop all your favorite products from the list above. You can also get free shipping along with special offers as per each site’s offerings.

That was the list of the top eCommerce websites in Egypt. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below. We would love to hear back from you.

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