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2Checkout in Egypt: Accept Card Payments

2Checkout in Egypt: Accept Credit Card Payments

One of the most common questions about e-commerce is how an e-commerce store operator can charge its customers for products and services and then access that money. In this article, we’re introducing the 2Checkout payment gateway in Egypt.

While cash on delivery and bank transfers are easy ways to ensure you get paid, a more flexible payment method involves accepting credit cards. In order to accept credit cards on your online store, you will need to connect your store to a payment gateway.

2Checkout is a reputable international payment gateway that gives you everything needed to start accepting online payments. In a few simple steps, you’re able to register a new account with them and get approved in a matter of a few hours.

In this article, we’re going further on how to get started opening a new 2Checkout account, associated fees, and how it works. Also, you will learn how to integrate 2Checkout payment gateway into your online store with us.

What is 2Checkout?

2Checkout in Egypt: Accept credit card payments

A payment gateway is a digital platform that processes and receives credit card payments on your behalf, After the transaction is done, the payment gateway sends the money to your local bank account. All you need is to sync this payment gateway with your website or store.

One of the most important benefits of payment gateways is that they protect the online store operator from most types of fraudulant transactions. The gateway also protects your customers’ information, credit card details, and facilitate the delivery of funds to the store operator in a safe and orderly manner.

2checkout is actually one of the most popular payment gateways in Egypt and the Middle East. Read along, we will provide you with all the information and details you need to make an informed decision about 2Checkout and actually start using it on your store.

Currencies & Withdrawals

2checkout allows you to accept many different payment methods on your online store includingbut not limited to the following: Apple Pay, Visa, Master Card, PayPal, Diners Club, and American Express. In addition, it supports local bank transfers to different countries including Egypt.

And the best part, It doesn’t only works with USD or EUR, it also processes so many other currencies. Using 2Checkout, you can also charge your customers in the following currencies: Jordanian Dinar, UAE dirham, Egyptian pound, Omani Rial, Saudi riyal, Kuwaiti Dinar, Moroccan dirham, Algerian dinar, Tunisian dinar, Lebanese pound, and more other currencies for your local use.

2checkout allows you to withdraw your funds using a number of flexible methods including the following: Transfer money to your bank through wire transfer or ACH, Payoneer, Direct Check, and indeed to a Paypal account.

2Checkout Fees for Egypt

2Checkout does not charge any fees to begin utilising their amazing service. This means you don’t have to pay any statement, recurring billing, or other monthly costs. 2Checkout fees are charged as per each transaction you process.

As an Egyptian seller, 2Checkout in Egypt charges 3.4% + 45¢ per each successful transaction.

Considering that we pay nothing every month to use the 2CO service, We consider these tariffs to be quite affordable and acceptable. So, in this case, we only pay when we receive successful payment transactions. 

Previously, 2CheckOut required new merchants to pay a one-time cost of $49 to start an account. However, for the time being, opening a new 2CO merchant account is completely free and you can get started right away. 

2Checkout vs Local Gateways

Despite the fact that 2Checkout in Egypt charges significantly higher fees in comparison to other local competitors, It’s still affordable! 2Checkout doesn’t charge a fixed monthly fee to use the service which is a huge huge plus. 

In comparison, Paymob accept is also very reliable with decent fees. Paymob accept doesn’t charge monthly fixed fees as well. We’ve been using Paymob accept for sometime now and all we can say is very satisfied. Check our Paymob review here for more details.

Getting Started

To start using 2Checkout services, the process is quite simple but strict. You will need to provide a number of documents to prove and verify your personal and address information. You will also need to provide company details whether Sole-properietorship, partnership, or incorporation.

Here is a quick list of requirements during sign up: 

  • Applicant personal details.
  • Address proof, Rental contract, or a utility bill.
  • Business information: Sole proprietorship, Partnership, or Company.
  • Passport scanned copy.

Following the submission of your application. You must wait up to 48 hours for your application to be processed and verified. You will then receive an email from the 2CheckOut Verification department welcoming you to their platform.

Integration with Purple

We – at Purple – are offering one of the easiest ways to launch an online store for your business. Our platform gives you all the ingredients to launch a successful profitable online store. Also, you’re able to sync and sell on social media channels seamlessly.

2Checkout is fully supported on our platform. Whether you’re launching an online store or a business website using Purple, you’re covered. Even more, you can use 2Checkout subscriptions on our platform for recurring payments too.

Start a free 14 days trial, no credit card required.

Wondering about other payment gateways supported on our online store platform, check this article for more details.

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